Dr. Farsalinos on Vaping: Is It Mostly Harmless?

You probably don’t know his name and may never have read his research, but Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos is a leading authority on vaping, has been doing research in the field for years, and has co-published over 50 academic, peer-reviewed studies of vaping, some of it looking at possible health issues related to vaping.

This article briefly looks at seven of his papers, which still makes for a pretty lengthy article (3,950 words). If you know people who want an overview of solid recent research on the subject of vaping, this is a great place to dig deep and learn. Continue reading “Dr. Farsalinos on Vaping: Is It Mostly Harmless?”

FDA Clamping Down on Vape Shops and Manufacturers

vape police

The FDA is getting ready to clamp down on vape stores and manufacturers to make sure that everyone is following the rules. Specifically, the FDA is looking for violations of its ruling that no new vaping products can be introduced after August 8, 2016. (If you wondered why there seem to be no new flavors, that’s a result of this FDA ruling.) Continue reading “FDA Clamping Down on Vape Shops and Manufacturers”

The FDA Wants to Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes


FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says,

“…we’re taking a pivotal step today that could ultimately bring us closer to our vision of a world where combustible cigarettes would no longer create or sustain addiction – making it harder for future generations to become addicted in the first place and allowing more currently addicted smokers to quit or switch to potentially less harmful products.” Continue reading “The FDA Wants to Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes”

Vaping and the Environment

cigarette butts

The tobacco industry has a major impact on the environment, ranging from cigarette butts as litter to the tune of approximately 1.7 billion tons per year to the 400,000 tons of tobacco grown on 10,000 tobacco farms with a total of 350,000 acres devoted to tobacco. Worldwide those cigarette butts account for 38% of all litter, and they are very toxic. Cigarette butts thrown into lakes have been shown to kill fish. Continue reading “Vaping and the Environment”

Dave Goerlitz: Former ‘Winston Man’ Speaks Out on Smoking, Anti-Smoking, and Vaping

Winston cigarette billboard with David Goerlitz

Formerly known as the Winston Man, Dave Goerlitz has become an anti-tobacco activist. Once featured in a series of “Search and Rescue” ads for Winston (he actually preferred to smoke Marlboro), Goerlitz participated in the Great American Smoke Out in November 1988 and has been an outspoken critic of the tobacco industry ever since. Continue reading “Dave Goerlitz: Former ‘Winston Man’ Speaks Out on Smoking, Anti-Smoking, and Vaping”