12 Vape Shop Red Flags

Our friends at the Vapejoose Family & Friends group on Facebook raised a good question last week: What kind of things trigger you in vape shops or warn you to stay away from a particular shop?

The answers began pouring in almost immediately.

Buy this one. It's my favorite brand

1. Pushing all customers to high-end hobby devices or a favorite brand.

2. Not having starter equipment.

vape coils

3. Not educating customers properly: how to change and maintain coils, setup mods, battery safety.

showing customer how to add e-juice

4. Limited product selection.

5. Selling clones.

IP infringing product

6. IP infringing products.

If you have to ask how much its costs, you can't afford it.
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7. Overpriced (shops such as vapejoose.com sell for less).

8. Poor shop cleanliness.

e-juice lab
Clean room – not “clean it up” room.

9. Mixing e-liquid in front of customers or in a non-sterile environments (no gloves, no hand washing station, how they store bottles, mixing equipment or juice).

10. Offering to microwave e-liquid to steep it more quickly.

11. Poor return policies.

I don't see any customers

12. Non-attentive or non-engaging and unprofessional employees (trashing the competition or treating customers poorly).

What do you think? What would you add to the list? Join our group on Facebook and share your thoughts!

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