About Vape Gazette

Vape Gazette was launched in late 2017 as a fresh new source of news, information, and advocacy for the vaping community—without going overboard and overwhelming you with too much new content. We try to offer accessible objective information about vaping, not too many news headlines (other sites already handle that), and careful analysis of anti-vaping research, advertising, laws, and articles.


We make the rounds of the vaping and general interest websites looking for relevant, current stories and try to pick one or two that we think would most interest the vaping community. Sometimes they are hard news about crackdowns on vaping. Sometimes they are about the changing laws surrounding vaping in various cities, states, and nations. And sometimes they are good human interest stories.


We want you to understand what vaping is, from the origins of vaping to the components used to make e-juice to the different types of hardware available. Most of all, we want to take what may seem like technical jargon and make it as accessible to the public as possible.


We love taking apart studies critical of vaping. Seriously, whether it’s a scholarly article from an academic journal, a research piece from a trade journal, or a government decision that’s unreasonably critical of vaping, we go through it and point out the shortcomings and inconsistencies. Best of all, we try to make our exposition as reader-friendly as possible so anyone who vapes can understand it. And we always provide links so you can read the same source materials we used when writing, going back to original sources whenever possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve you, the vaping public, by selecting the most interesting news stories, the most accessible information, and the most discerning analysis while promoting vaping.