Steeping E-juice: Give It Time

There’s more to brewing and cooking than simply combining ingredients. Whether it’s a cup of tea, a hearty stew, a bottle of wine, or a pot of soup, it takes time for the finished product to be ready. In vaping, that process is known as steeping.

Some e-liquid is available pre-steeped, made up in advance and aged sufficiently, so it’s ready for use when you buy it. But special orders are made up as they are received, and those juices may take a week to 10 days to steep so they can provide the full flavor you expect. Using the e-juice before then will provide an inferior vaping experience.

Also, your e-juice also won’t last forever. In general, a bottle made with freebase nicotine should be used within a year, and e-liquid made with nic salts should be used within 18 months.

bottle of e-juice with a use-by date

Ideally, pods and e-liquid bottles would be marked with a “made on” date – or a “best used after” date if the juice hasn’t been pre-steeped (pre-steeping can only be done with the more popular flavors) – as well as a “best used before” fresh date, which may be a year or more from the initial date. Equally useful would be a “birthdate” or “ready date” combined with a notice such as, “This quality vaping liquid should be used within one year” or whatever is deemed appropriate by the manufacturer.

Granted, not a lot of products on the market right now have a fresh date, something even a can or bottle of soda includes. I suspect this is something that will slowly become the norm in the vaping industry, so when you find a dusty bottle of e-juice that rolled under the bed or couch or car seat, you’ll know if it’s still fresh or not.

I see printed dates on product as another sign of a developing industry that is putting the needs of its customers ahead of its own convenience.

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