Travel Advice for Vapers

There are two important considerations when you vape and travel: What laws govern vaping in your destination? And what can you take with you if you fly?

Thailand and Singapore are two destinations where vaping is illegal, so if you’re going to either country or even through an airport in either one, leave your vaping gear and supplies at home. We’ll save other destination warnings for another article.

A Clear One Quart Airtight Bag

There are other things you need to know when you are flying. For instance, you can’t take a 120 ml bottle of e-juice in your carry-on baggage. The bottle has to be 100 ml or less. And store your juice in a zipper bag so if it does leak – most likely to reduced air pressure at flight altitudes – the juice doesn’t get all over everything else.

Also, however many bottles of 100 ml or less you’re taking, all of your liquids must fit within a single one-quart bag. Use a bag with a zipper.

Your Hardware

You should keep your tank with you because you don’t want the glass getting cracked, and the way they handle luggage, why take the chance? (Besides, it’s illegal to put anything with lithium-ion batteries in your luggage. Carry on only.) Make sure your tanks and mods and e-cigs are empty before you fly. Besides, you’re not allowed to vape on the plane.

Depending on the type of hardware you use, it may make sense to disassemble it before you go through security.  Some mods may look suspicious, and you want to check in without hassles and a lot of questions. Make it easier for TSA to see exactly what you’re carrying.

Battery Safety when Flying

Batteries are definitely an issue, especially the 3.6V lithium-ion batteries used in most devices. If you can remove the batteries, do so and store them in a proper battery case. By law you cannot put lithium-based batteries in your luggage; they are carry-on only and must be kept on your person, not stored in the overhead luggage rack or under your seat.

By the way, lithium-ion batteries are also used in your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, etc. so they also need to be with you in flight. Do not leave them in your luggage.

Vaping at the Airport?

Some airports allow vaping, some only in designated areas, and some ban it. Be sure to find out before you leave home whether the airports you’ll be traveling through let you vape or not.

And don’t forget to bring along a charger.


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