Vaping and Keeping Your Windows Clean

Vaping outdoors and in open indoor settings doesn’t leave behind much residue, but vaping indoors and especially in cars can leave a sticky film on the inside of your windows. Here’s what you can do about that.

woman cleaning window

It’s the Vegetable Glycerin

That residue on the windows is almost completely due to vegetable glycerin (VG), so vaping with a lower VG mix will slow down the accumulation of film on your windows.

Open the Windows

First of all, avoid vaping in your car or indoors with the windows closed. Give the vapor somewhere to go instead of leaving it trapped in close quarters. This is especially true when driving. Open your window and/or sunroof as much as weather permits. This will not only reduce the residue on your windows, it will also cut back on the humidity that condenses on your windows in cooler weather.

Vapor in the car can also reduce your view while driving, which is another reason to vape with your window open. While driving, avoid sub-ohm vaping and the huge clouds it creates. This also applies to any passengers.

The film on your windows is mostly vegetable glycerin (VG), and dust will stick to it, so you’ll want to clean your windows regularly if you vape indoors or especially in your car.

Cleaning Your Windows

What’s the best way to clean that film from your windows? If it’s just a light film, soapy water will often do the trick. If it’s heavier and you don’t mind the smell, vinegar and water and a clean washcloth will clear the residue from your windows. I have seen recommendations for The Home Store window and surface cleaner as well as Totally Awesome Orange degreaser, which are probably available at a nearby dollar store.

After you’re done cleaning the window, use a microfibre cloth or chamois to clear the remaining moisture from your windows. Paper towels are a decent second choice.

Reduce Moisture in Your Car

If you park in a garage or under a carport, consider leaving your windows cracked to allow the moisture an escape.

Another thing that can help is the kitty litter in a tube sock solution, which is also helpful in cooler weather. Get 2 or 3 pairs of tube socks, long ones if possible. Fill one sock from each pair about 75-80% with cat litter, which is a moisture absorber. (Litter with silica crystals works best, but even clay cat litter helps.)

tube socks filled with kitty litter
Tube socks filled with kitty litter.

Tie a knot in the end of the sock, and then insert that sock inside the second sock from the pair with the knot end first. That can take a little work, and when it’s done, tie a knot in the end of that sock. Just keeping these in your car will help reduce moisture from breathing, hot drinks, and vaping. You don’t need to put one by the windshield and another by the back window because they will absorb moisture even while sitting under your car seat.

If it’s been particularly humid, you might need to take the socks inside and let them dehumidify for a while before putting them back in the car.

Bonus Tips for Vaping and Driving

  • Don’t use an e-cig with a metal tip and hold it between your teeth while driving. Bumps and potholes put your teeth at risk. Hold it between your lips or use a device with a plastic or rubber mouthpiece.
  • The best place to put your e-cig is probably in some sort of cup in your car’s cup holder. The cup will keep your device more upright and minimize spills and leaks – and the cup will catch any liquid that does get out. Experiment to see what size and kind of cup best meets your needs and your hardware. I suggest you start with plastic or paper cups as they are less likely to damage your gear than ceramics.
  • Don’t leave your e-juice or e-cig in the car overnight in cold weather. That will make the liquid thicker and much slower to wick. Take all your gear inside, especially in cold weather. Vaping with a lower VG mix will work better in the cold.

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