Vaping Now Illegal in Singapore

Singapore, already known for banning chewing gum (unless prescribed by a doctor), made vaping illegal as of February 1, 2018. It is now illegal to possess, purchase, or use e-cigarettes in Singapore.

The first vaping offense will result in a $2,000 fine (about $1,500 US).

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It has been illegal to import vaping gear into Singapore since August 1, 2016, and trying to bring equipment into the country can result in a $10,000 fine and 6 months in jail. Repeat offenders will get twice that.

What’s Up with Singapore?

In addition to chewing gum and vaping, the following are also illegal in Singapore:

  • littering
  • spitting
  • jaywalking
  • feeding pigeons
  • forgetting to flush
  • playing an instrument in public that may annoy others
  • flying a kite when it interferes with traffic
  • graffiti
  • singing obscene songs or ballads
  • distributing obscene materials
  • using someone’s WiFi without permission
  • walking nude in your home if you can be seen
  • drug possession, including drugs in your system

For Americans, most of these laws seem rather odd, and they have an interesting history. Singapore was founded as a trading post by the British East India Company in 1819 and became a crown colony in 1858 due to the collapse of the East India Co. Singapore was occupied by Japan during World War II, became independent of Britain in 1963, and has been an independent republic since 1965.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore quickly moved from being a third-world nation to first-world status within a single generation due to an emphasis on economic growth and entrepreneurship, and later on cutting edge technology. As part of the campaign to make Singapore a more appealing place to do business, things like the bubble gum and spitting laws came into effect. The goal was to create a pristine Singapore where visitors and businessmen would feel welcome.

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